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About Us

Swayambhu Entertainment Is An Indian Comic Book Publishing Company Led By Bhupinder Thakur, An IT Professional And An Avid Comic Lover.


Swayambhu, as the name suggests, visions to bring original ideas and ground breaking stories through the most ignored platform in India. Yes, it is
comics or graphic novels.





The foundation for Swayambhu Entertainment started in late 2020 when the founder, Bhupinder Thakur hired Ashwin Kalmane for a kid’s comic. There was no long-term goal involved in this project as the project started just for the love towards comics and promotion of his nursery rhyme YouTube channel named “Baby Scoop”. 


In November 2020, Bhupinder fell ill and was on bed rest for a couple of days. He was reading and reviewing comics actively for the past 5 months
thus he couldn’t take his mind off while resting too. One day, he wakes up terrified at midnight. He saw a dream. While stabilizing from the after-effects, one good thought stuck in his mind. How could he be so afraid when he knows that it was only a dream? And how could be a dream be so
terrifying when there is no ghost or supernatural thing about that dream. The story and that thought were so solid for him that he started developing a story out of that dream and by the morning he had a complete idea about how this dream could be converted into a comic series focusing on the truth of the modern world.


By January 2021, Bhupinder had multiple concepts and stories ready but he didn’t want to take a chance to hold any efforts in putting everything right. And so he approached Sudeep Menon with the help of Raviraj Ahuja. Sudeep Menon was one of the writers that impressed him most in recent times.


Hence, the first project “Incognito – The Beast Cometh” started in February 2021. The second project “Satyug” started in May 2021.


Swayambhu Entertainment, the brand was announced on 12th March 2021.

List of Published Swayambhu Comics till 1st September 2022.




  • Incognito – The Beast Cometh (Issue 1) – English and Hindi
  • Incognito – Bitter Moon (Issue 2) – English and Hindi
  • SatYug – Issue 1 – (Hindi and English)
  • SatYug – Issue 2 (Hindi and English)
  • Little Battles Big Learning – (Hindi and English)



 Future Projects



  • Incognito 3 and 4
  • Satyug 3, 4 and 5
  • Crossover Book with Bullseye – Incognito vs Zaalim Manjha
  • Title to be Decided – Spin Off from SatYug world.



 Swayambhu Entertainment on Youtube



Swayambhu Entertainment is actively doing promotions on the youtube channel as well. We are the first ones in India to introduce a comic book
character via youtube video. We also released an animated short video clip to promote Incognito and Satyug comics. 


Other than this, we are also producing original official songs for each of our releases. The reception of each song and video is well welcomed by
Indian comics and superhero fans so far. 

Meet Our Team!


Martina Di Luzio






Caio Pegado

Penciller / Inker


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