Little Battles Big Learning – English


Hello Swaymbhu Followers, ✌️
Our first kid’s comic book named “Little Battles Big Learning” will go on sale from 1st January 2022.
We encourage you to buy it for your kids and kids around you whom you know. We are sure that they are going to love the short stories in it and will also learn valuable lessons in a fun way.
  • Title – Little Battles Big Lessons
  • No. of Pages – 24
  • MRP – 139
  • Size – Big
  • Story and Script – Ashwin Kalmane
  • Art and Colorist – Mauricio Salfate
From Swayambhu. comes an exciting comic book with four sensational stories.
What happens when Vir sinks into a death trap made of mud? Does he sink to the bottom? Does he suffocate and die? Find out in Sink.
When Vir and his friends go into a haunted house to find out what’s happening inside, they get more than what they bargained for. Read Fear to find out what happens to the lot.
What happens when Anya gives werewolf Bhairav a makeover. Does Bhairav look more human or less? Find out in The Makeover.
Detective Vedant is on the case of the missing dino. And you know when Detective Vedant is on a case, he’s going to solve it. The Case of the Missing Dino brings to you one of Detective Vedant’s earliest adventures.
From action adventure to haunted horror (sort of), all this and much more in this great comic book for young adventurers.