Variant Satyug 3 (English) Cover by Andy Pereira
Satyug 3 (Hindi) Cover by Caio Pegado

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About us

Embarking on a Journey of Imagination and Storytelling

Swayambhu Entertainment, a homegrown Indian comic book publisher, embarked on its inspiring journey in late 2020. It all began with a simple project — a kid’s comic written by Ashwin Kalmane. This initial venture, aimed at promoting the nursery rhyme YouTube channel “Baby Scoop”. Little did he know, this small step was the beginning of something extraordinary.

The Dream That Sparked a Revolution

In November 2020, a twist of fate and a spell of illness confined Bhupinder to bed rest. During this time, his mind, deeply entrenched in the world of comics, birthed an idea that was both intriguing and groundbreaking. It was a midnight dream, unsettling yet devoid of any ghosts or supernatural elements, that struck him with a revelation — the power of a dream and the real-world fears it could encapsulate. This led to the birth of a story concept that mirrored the truths of the modern world.

From Concept to Creation

By January 2021, Bhupinder’s reservoir of concepts and stories was brimming. Keen on bringing these narratives to life with precision and excellence, he sought the collaboration of Sudeep Menon, a writer whose work he greatly admired. This partnership was facilitated by Raviraj Ahuja, a guiding force in the comic industry. Together, they began the journey of transforming Bhupinder’s dream into a tangible reality.

Our Milestone Projects

February 2021 marked the beginning of our first major project, “Incognito – The Beast Cometh,” a comic series that delves deep into the complexities of reality and perception. Following its inception, we embarked on our second project, “Satyug,” in May 2021, further expanding our repertoire of thought-provoking and captivating narratives.

The Official Launch

The official announcement of Swayambhu Entertainment as a brand was made on 12th March 2021. This marked not just the launch of a new comic book publisher but the realization of a dream — a platform where imaginative storytelling, Indian culture, and artistic brilliance converge.

Our Mission

At Swayambhu Entertainment, we are committed to crafting stories that are not just entertaining but are a reflection of our society, culture, and values. Our comics are a journey into worlds unknown, yet strikingly familiar — a celebration of creativity and a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.

List Of Published Swayambhu Comics Till 30th January 2024

  • Incognito – The Beast Cometh (Issue 1) – English and Hindi
  • Incognito – Bitter Moon (Issue 2) – English and Hindi
  • SatYug – Issue 1 – (Hindi and English)
  • SatYug – Issue 2 (Hindi and English)
  • Little Battles Big Learning – (Hindi and English)
  • SatYug – Issue 3 (Hindi and English)

Upcoming Projects

  • Incognito 3, 4 and 5 (68 page each) – Written by Sudeep Menon
  • Satyug 4 and 5 – Written by Sudeep Menon, Art by Caio Pegado
  • Planet Raakh (Crossover of Bullseye and Swayambhu Comics) – Incognito vs Zaalim manjha (100 Page) – Written by Sudeep Menon
  • Badri – Spin Off from SatYug world (40 page) – Written by Sudeep Menon, Art by Tadam Gyadu
  • Stranded – One shot graphic Novel – Written by Ashwin Kalmane
  • A Mini Series on an anti hero – Written by Pranay Khadatkar
  • Unnamed Project – Written by Samrat Haihaywanshi
  • Animated Series on SatYug (Our Official Youtube Channel) – Episode 2 to 4 by HighBP Studios (Pranay Khadatkar)

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