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Incognito 2 (Hindi) Cover by Caio Pegado
Incognito 2 English Cover by Caio Pegado


At Swayambhu Entertainment, our core strength lies in our team, a vibrant mix of creative minds from different corners of the world. Leading our narrative excellence, Sudeep Menon crafts tales that engage and inspire, grounding our comics in relatable and profound human experiences. Following him, Ashwin Kalmane, not only lends his vision in guiding our stories but also weaves intricate tales as a skilled writer, enriching our narratives with depth and imagination. Our founder, Bhupinder Thakur, combines his passion for comics with a commitment to storytelling that resonates with a diverse audience.

Raviraj Ahuja plays a pivotal role in our success, his expertise and guidance ensuring that our comics maintain a standard of excellence that resonates with both critics and fans alike. The artistic vibrancy of our comics is brought to life by talents such as Caio Pegado, whose work in “Satyug” captures the essence of our tales, and Martina, whose illustrations in “Incognito” enchant our readers. Lucia Gabbi’s creative prowess in “Planet Raakh” and Tadam’s anticipated contributions to the “Badri” series showcase a harmonious blend of Indian themes with global artistic flair. Deepjoy’s captivating covers for “Incognito” and the “Satyug” series have become symbolic gateways into the universes we craft. This incredible ensemble of artists and writers ensures each Swayambhu comic is not just read but experienced and cherished, making every release a journey into extraordinary realms.

Bhupinder Thakur


Raviraj Ahuja

Letterer/Book Production Manager

Caio Pegado


Martina di Luzio


Lucia Gabbi


Tadam Gyadu


Deepjoy Subba


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