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Satyug #2 – Hindi (Homage To Batman Cover #9)

Satyug issue 2 is a part of our Satyug comic book series. The synopsis of the issue 1 goes like "In 1991 a gruesome murder occurs in Astipur. Nobody ever comes to know about it. Cut to the Present. 15-year-old Yugant Kapoor’s life revolves around Cricket and Comics. However, there’s more to his so-called ordinary life. Yug, as he’s called by his friends has recurring visions of a murder. A sudden encounter takes him to the mysterious murder case of the early 90s and a shocking discovery changes his life forever.
In Satyug issue 2, a new case has rattled the denizens of Astipur. The Media has dubbed it the Route 66 Case. Is newly transferred S.P Rajiv Singh, unraveling the case or getting deeper into the dark quicksand called Astipur. Would solving this be a means to an end or is this the first domino among the many orchestrated to fall, tearing down the very tumultuous fabric of Astipur? Only time will tell.
Batman Homage Cover by Caio Pegado

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