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    Set of First 4 Comics – Hindi

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  • saytyug 2 homage cover to detective comics no 27
  • satyug 2 english limited edition
  • satyug 2 homage covers
  • Satyug #2 - All hindi covers
  • satyug 2 hindi limited edition
  • satyug 2 english covers
  • Sale! All 4 Covers - Satyug 2

    Satyug #2 – All 4 Covers

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  • Satyug 2 hindi homage batman cover
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    Trading card

    Mahaveera – Trading Card #4

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    Vakriyi – Trading Card #5

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Indian comics have a rich history. However, over the last two decades, the community has seen a huge decline in readership. Some of the reasons that we believe caused this are our failure to break into television and cinema, and the inability to produce content for a more mature audience.
We want to create a place where comics are treated with respect. We aim to make comics that mature readers can enjoy. We plan to create a family of characters and stories that can get Indian comics into more limelight.
The founder of the company, Bhupinder Thakur, is self-funding and doing everything he can to reach the masses. To pace up things, we are looking for investors and collaborators to convert our stories into animation and live-action shorts.


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