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Satyug #2 – English (Limited Edition)

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Satyug #2 – English (Homage to Detective Comics No. 27)

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“The silence may be for the dead but the dead speak for themselves”. A year has passed away since the gruesome murder of Pritam Dabral that shocked  Astipur. Yugant Kapoor aka Yug begrudgingly makes peace with his newfound role. A role that demands him to delve into the abyss of stray tethered souls seeking peace. Satya is his only companion in these dark uncharted waters. While threading this thin rope, visions of a girl’s desperate lamentations hound him. It is baffling that the soul hasn’t reached out to Satya.
A new case has rattled the denizens of Astipur. The Media has dubbed it the Route 66 Case. Is newly transferred S.P Rajiv Singh, unraveling the case or getting deeper into the dark quicksand called Astipur. Would solving this be a means to an end or is this the first domino among the many orchestrated to fall, tearing down the very tumultuous fabric of Astipur? Only time will tell. The Team of Swayambhu presents Satyug Issue 2
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Book Credits

  • Script – Sudeep Menon
  • Art – Caio Pegado
  • Colors – Brie Souza
  • Cover Art – Caio Pegado and Brie Souza
  • Letters and Editor – Ravi Raj Ahuja
  • Translation and Graphic Designer – Mandaar Gangele and Gaurav Gangele
  • President and Chief Editor – Bhupinder Thakur



1 review for Satyug #2 – English (Homage to Detective Comics No. 27)

  1. i2hy7hivi

    Satyug 2 follows the events of previous part which I feel is a good thing about story also the flow of artwork remains same so it enhances your reading experience I would not spoil much but the main character of this series is doing very well thanks to the writer. Also a Satyug Universe is developing which I would like to see it run longer.

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