Babushka – Trading Card #2

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Incognito #1 – The Beast Cometh (Hindi)

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Incognito 1 (Hindi Cover)

Incognito #1 – The Beast Cometh (English)

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“Nobody knows his name.
Yet, they whisper about him in fear.”

Rakesh Sanchetti has the perfect life. A textile tycoon with business in the upswing. A loving
wife, back home, is expecting their first child together.
But Rakesh also harbours a dark secret from his past; one that can destroy his life and reputation.
And in such desperate times, he turns towards the one man who can save his life—a nameless
soul—who is known for solving such problems.

This man is no mercenary, for he charges nothing in return for the job.
Who is this strange man?
Is he a man at all?
From the creator of Inferno, Zaalim Manjha and Dracula: The Battle of Three Kings comes
exciting macabre tale, where every face hides a secret; a world where evil walks amongst us,

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Book Details

  • No. of Pages – 36
  • Size – Approx. 6.8 by 10.4 inches

Book Credits

Concept  – Bhupinder Thakur
Story and Script – Sudeep Menon
Artist – Martina Di Luzio
Color – Naval Thanwala and Santosh Pillewar
Cover Art – Deepjoy Subba and Santosh Pillewar

2 reviews for Incognito #1 – The Beast Cometh (English)

  1. Rajat Mishra

    Very good storyline. Love the dark shade of the lead character!

  2. i2hy7hivi

    If you are looking for some dark one shot story line then you are at the right place. Even though it was the first appearance of Incognito it gives you a quite intro of the character or say its just the beginning. Artwork is very impressive and storyline I feel does the justice as a first issue. Overall it is a good experience.

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