Blank Variant Cover Satyug 3

Satyug 3 – Hindi (Limited Edition Blank Cover)


Satyug #3 – English (Limited Edition)

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Variant Satyug 3 (English) Cover by Andy Pereira

Satyug #3 – English

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The darker veins of Astipur throb like never before.  Something is about to unravel soon.

The man on the high castle Inderjeet Dabral has an insatiable greed that cannot be contained. Even if it means reclaiming something that entangles him in a curse as old as time instead of satiating his greed.

From the pandora’s box, a  rabid pandemonium is set free to stir a vortex that is eager to uproot Astipur.

Meanwhile, the Watcher gathers brawn and brain to help Satyug fight what lurks in the shadows refusing to reveal.

Swayambhu continues the next chapter in the life of Astipur’s hero.

Satyug 3

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Book Credits

  • Script – Sudeep Menon
  • Art – Caio Pegado
  • Colors – Brie Souza
  • Cover Art – Caio Pegado and Renan Leno
  • Letters and Editor – Ravi Raj Ahuja
  • Translation and Graphic Designer – Ravi Raj Ahuja
  • President and Chief Editor – Bhupinder Thakur



1 review for Satyug #3 – English

  1. diwasrai5

    Satyug Series is impressing me a lot. With Back to Back mind-blowing comics. Well done Swayambhu Comics Team.

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