satyug in action in his original superhero costume

Alok, Haddi, and Sudeep Menon

I began writing the story of Satyug, originally named Alok and Haddi, in October 2020. The story was complete, but I wanted to write the script myself. During the time I was working on the script, I shared an idea and imagination with Mr. Sudeep for Incognito, and work on it began. After working on the Alok and Haddi script for a few months, I felt I might not do justice to my story, so I sought Mr. Sudeep’s help again. He agreed to write the script but wanted to change its form slightly. The first change was made to the story of Satya, which Mr. Sudeep turned into a more mass appeal story. The accident associated with Satya that I had described was quite dark, perhaps making it difficult for everyone to connect with. We’ll talk about this another day.

The beginning and end of the Satyug presented before you are the same, but the story of the accident that occurs with the era is different.

The second change was made to the names of the characters because not much thought had been put into their names. After some discussion, Alok and Haddi became Satya and Yug.


Character Design

After Mr. Sudeep wrote the story, we started looking for an illustrator. After talking to Mr. Ravi, I learned how to commission character designs; he told me that foreign artists could draw comic books and design characters. He had given me this advice before work on Incognito began. However, due to lack of prior experience, I commissioned a couple of character designs, but they were halted mid-way for some reason.

Later, I better understood that character design requires a lot of dedication. An artist solely working on character design might not do justice to the characters as much as an artist working on the entire comic book would.

Caio Pegado

Then began the search for an artist, leading us to Kayo Pegado. Before reaching him, we had test pages done by two other foreign artists. Our criteria included artwork quality and a budget limit, which we could not exceed, limiting our options. This applied to both domestic and foreign artists.

In June 2021, we finally found Kayo Pegado, whose 3 trial page thumbnails were immediately approved by Mr. Ravi. The reason for including Mr. Ravi in my team was to help me make the right decisions from the start. I remember clearly not having any idea how to evaluate an artist. What thumbnails are and how to decide what to expect from an artist based on them.

They say if you have less understanding of a task, you should trust those more experienced than you, and that’s precisely what I did in the early days of Swayambhu, spending more time understanding the comic-making process.

I forgot to mention that when I first read the script by Mr. Sudeep, I was delighted that I had given him the freedom to write Satyug, which was the right decision.

During this time, Santosh Pillewar took charge of coloring in Satyug Issue 1, doing a great job. Satyug Issue 1 was published in August 2021. The discussion on what to do next had already started even before Satyug Issue 1 was presented to everyone.

Satyug – The Superhero of Kalyug

I was clear about the direction in which to take the story of Satyug. With each issue of Satyug, I wanted to shine a light on the evils and crimes in society and put forth the idea that we should fear our surrounding society more. At the same time, I wanted to establish Satyug as a superhero.

Having a superhero named Satyug in Kalyug and the way he sees spirits and delivers justice was working perfectly for the series. Mr. Sudeep was not in favor of making Satyug a superhero. He is not easily convinced about anything. But I had some ideas from the start that I did not want to compromise on.

Satyug 2 – Case of Necrophilia

When I told Mr. Sudeep about the next case in Satyug 2 involving necrophilia, he hesitated for a moment and asked if I really wanted to show something like this. I unhesitatingly said yes to working on it. According to me, nothing is hidden from our society anymore. We come across something daily that blurs the line between human and beast. Discussing such topics openly has become more important than ever.

The Process of Creating a Superhero

Kayo had simple instructions for Satyug’s costume design: keep it as simple as possible. The reason was to advance the character of Satyug in such a way that it didn’t seem like a hastily done experiment. Kayo did exactly that, but Renen Leno added the finishing touches with his coloring, which was like giving water to the thirsty. Thinking of a comic character, bringing it to life, and then turning it into a superhero character that stands out and attracts people’s attention is a very difficult and delicate process.

Mr. Sudeep has given a new twist to the world of Satyug with Issue 2. It gives a new lease of life to the Satyug series and generates more interest for the next issue among the people.

Expanding the World of Satyug

Satyug was written in such a way that if we ever think of making a TV series or movie on it, it could be done easily and at a low cost. But if we just keep releasing issues with only that thought, it might not reach the heights for the comic readers. After linking Satyug’s world with supernatural and divine powers, we hope the series will be more appreciated and liked as much as the Incognito series is being liked.

Do listen to this song that expresses the thoughts associated with the Satyug series. To uproot the tree of lies from the root, Yug and Satya have come.

Satyug 3

Satyug 3 delves into a dramatic confrontation between the series’ heroes and their adversaries, setting the stage for a thrilling narrative. The story unfolds with escalating tensions between the local community and corrupt political forces, leading to a series of protests against land acquisition for industrial purposes. Amidst this chaos, supernatural elements intertwined with the struggles of the common people are introduced, adding depth and intrigue. As the conflict escalates, Satyug, the superhero, engages in a battle against a sinister force, showcasing his commitment to justice and the protection of the innocent. This installment blends social commentary with mythological elements, promising an engaging mix of action, drama, and supernatural suspense, further enriching the Satyug series narrative.

Satyug 4 and In-House Animated Series Project

As we venture further into the Satyug series, we are thrilled to announce that Satyug 4 is nearing completion and will be published later this year. Even more exciting, we have already begun working on the finale, promising an epic conclusion to this beloved series.

In addition to the comics, we have expanded the Satyug universe into a new medium—an animated web series. Thanks to the creative genius of Pranay Khadatkar and his team, the first episode is now available on YouTube. This animated series embarks on a separate storyline, introducing viewers to intriguing new characters and embarking on Satyug’s thrilling journey. This expansion allows fans to experience the Satyug universe in a dynamic new way, bringing the stories and characters to life through animation.

As we continue to develop the Satyug series, both in print and animation, we remain committed to delivering compelling stories that captivate our audience. Stay tuned for more updates on Satyug 4 and the animated web series as we explore new frontiers in this superhero saga.

Signing off, we invite you to join Satyug on his extraordinary adventures, filled with action, mythology, and the eternal fight between good and evil.

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