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Is Satyug the Best New Indian Superhero in Comics? Let’s Find out!

Ranking Indian superheroes can be a tricky task, as different people consider different things when ranking their favorite superheroes. To create Satyug, the new-age Indian superhero, I considered four factors: powers/abilities, character development, iconic costume, and impact on society.


A superhero’s unique powers or abilities can make them stand out from the rest. For example, Superman’s ability to fly and his super strength, or Spiderman’s web-slinging and wall-crawling abilities.

Satyug was initially planned as a one-shot comic book, but the character’s potential for endless possibilities convinced me to turn him into a superhero. His name, a combination of two common names, makes him unique and as the name indicates a sign of hope in an Indian setting. Satyug’s transformation into a superhero with a costume is an unorthodox take on the concept of a ghost possessing someone, but it makes him the first of his kind in India. This was a risky and unorthodox take. To some people, it might have sounded silly at first.

Although, I was very inclined toward the idea that an Indian superhero should feel like an Indian superhero. We are not interested in seeing one more Superman or Batman. We already have those.

Character Development

A well-developed superhero with a compelling backstory and personal struggles can make them more relatable and interesting to readers/viewers. This allows audiences to emotionally connect with the character and invest in their journey.

Satyug, the protagonist of our comic book series, was in no hurry to catch a flight. Maybe he was hoping for an upgrade to first-class or a more scenic route. Who knows? But what we do know is that there was still so much to tell in his story. As much as we wanted to dive into the superhero genre, we had to lay the foundation for it in the first issue. And boy, were our readers in for a surprise when they saw Satyug donning a vigilante costume in the second issue! It was a risky move, but one that paid off as fans embraced the new direction of the series.

But the real challenge came when we had to design a superhero costume that would make Satyug stand out and appeal to a wider audience. We debated whether to introduce the new costume so soon or not, but in the end, we had to go for it. As an independent comic book publisher, we didn’t have the luxury of dragging out the story for too long. We had to set smaller goals and work towards completing the first arc of the series within five issues. And you know what? Our readers loved the temporary costume so much that we were torn between keeping it and introducing the new one.

Overall, the journey of creating Satyug’s superhero persona was a wild ride, but we’re glad we did it. Who knew a simple flight delay could lead to such an epic adventure?

Iconic Costume

A superhero’s costume is often an important part of their identity and can help them stand out from others. A memorable costume can become iconic and help to define the character.

Creating an Indian superhero costume is no easy feat, let me tell you. It’s not like we could just throw a cape on Satyug and call it a day. No, no, no. We had to put in some serious effort. Caio worked on sketches for over a month. And let me tell you, deciding on the right shape for those spandex pants was a real challenge. But in the end, we nailed it.

Now, when it came to designing the mask, I had some opinions. I wanted to ensure we could see as much of Satyug’s face as possible. You know, so he could really emote and connect with readers. And then Ketan, bless his soul, reminded us that a superhero’s hair is just as important as their powers. I mean, imagine Batman without his luscious locks. It just wouldn’t work, right?

Impact on Society

A superhero’s impact on society, whether it’s through inspiring people to be their best selves or taking a stand against injustice, can also make them stand out among others. The influence a superhero has on the world they inhabit can be a defining characteristic of the character.

Well, Satyug is definitely not your average Joe! He’s got his own unique set of powers, a killer costume, and an impact on society that’s out of this world! And as an independent comic book publisher, it’s important to set achievable goals, like completing the first arc of the series within five issues. But don’t worry, Satyug’s journey as a superhero is far from over! We’ve got some exciting plans in store for him that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Satyug’s future issues will feature him becoming a symbol of hope and a sign of change for society. So buckle up, folks, because this superhero is just getting started!

In the words of comic book artist Neal Adams, “The idea of a superhero is something that’s transcended language and cultures.” This sentiment is especially true in India, where superheroes like Shaktimaan and Nagraj have gained immense popularity.

With the right storytelling, character development, and fan base, Satyug has the potential to become the best Indian superhero. As author Stan Lee once said, “A superhero is a symbol of good, fighting for justice and fairness in the world.” Satyug embodies these values and has the power to inspire and entertain readers for years to come.

The future holds exciting plans for Satyug’s journey as an Indian superhero, and who knows he might become the best Indian superhero someday. Go here to Read Satyug Comics. He is the first Indian superhero of Swayambhu Comics.

Signing off with a video that we made a few months back to introduce a new costume of Satyug. Do comment on your views on our work and the future of satyug superheroes? We know it is too early for satyug to become your favorite Indian superhero, thus do let us know who is your favorite Indian superhero and why?

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